Local facebook groups

I am experimenting with creating very local facebook groups for area in Weddington and on St Nicolas Park which can act as support networks. I am also keen to get existing very local facebook groups to get more local members.

These groups are only for those living in each area. Please email me if you want a network setting up for your street or estate. It is also useful to know about other local groups.   Keith (email  admin@wsinfo.uk )

Weddington Support Network Groups

Facebook group Streets
Cleaver Gardens support network Cleaver Gardens
Castle Road and Shawe Avenue support network Castle Road and Shawe Avenue
Weddington South Support Network Shanklin Drive (south of food relief, Weddington Road End), Eastfield Road, Hydes Pastures, Southfield Close, Westfield Close and very south end of Weddington Road
Weddington Kingsbridge Support Network Brading Road, Kingsbridge Road, Niton Road, Queensway, Regency Close, Shanklin Drive (north of food relief), Ventnor Street and Weddington Road (part south of Changebrook)
Ryde – Carisbrook – Brookdale Support Network Ryde Avenue, Carisbrook Road and Brookdale Road
Weddington Glenfield Support Network Elmfield Road, Glenfield Avenue, Oakdene Crescent and Weddington Road South of Lionel Close
Weddington Bramdene Support Network Bramdene Avenue, Fox Avenue, Lionel Close, Romsey Avenue, Scott Avenue, Winchester Avenue and Weddington Road North of Lionel Close
Weddington Church Lane Support Network Church Lane and Swinnerton Heritage


St Nicolas Park Support Network Groups

Facebook group Streets
St Nicolas Park South – Support Network
Derwent Way
Ennerdale Crescent
Rydal Avenue
Thirlmere Avenue
Ullswater Avenue
Windermere Avenue (South East End)
St Nicolas Park Milby – support network
Bladon Close
Canterbury Way
Callendar Close
Changebrook Close
Chelsea Close
Chichester Close
Gloucester Close
Lichfield Close
Norwich Close
Milby Drive
Pallett Drive (Noth bit)
Woodcote Avenue
St Nicolas Park Central – support network
Coniston Court
Coniston Way
Courtney Close
Caversham Close
Dorchester Way
Pallett Drive
Wallingford Avenue
St Nicolas Park North West – Support Network
Abingdon Way
Clay Avenue
Henley Close
Higham Lane (north end)
Knox Crescent
Oxford Close
Pallett Drive (part)
Peake Avenue
Raison Avenue
Pangbourne Close
Reading Avenue
Staines Close
St Nicolas Park East Support Network
Burnham Rise
Buttermere Avenue
Easedale Close
Kendal Close
Keswick Close
Kirkstone Walk
Langdale Drive
Loweswater Close
Rydal Avenue
Skelwith Rise
St Nicolas Park Drive (East End)
St Nicolas Park West Support Network
Ambleside Way
Grasmere Crescent
Windermere Avenue (north end)
Higham Lane (centre bit)
St Nicolas Park Drive (West End)